Hello world!

Welcome to the site of Magic Lamp Editing Services!  At this early stage, things are still a work in progress as I learn the ropes of pages and posts, but I do hope you’ll indulge in a little exploration.

Please look for the ‘About Magic Lamp’ page (see the top right of this page) for the services I offer, fees, and contact information.  Other pages include some of my previously-published columns that look at everything from apostrophes to zombies (yes, zombies), with an occasional semi-colon and gerund thrown in for good measure.  Or taken out, if need be.

As the site and I progress, there will be posts and discussion starters, and — knowing me — some random thoughts or two. I will also include links to pertinent and/or favorite sites, and there’s always the possibility of some book reviews.

Please join in, and please share this site with others if you think they may be interested.  And please contact me for any of your editing needs.

Thank you!

>> Note: All material published herein is considered to be copyrighted.  I encourage readers to share posts and pages with others, but please be sure to include proper attribution. <<

Genie Rayner



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