Poll: Decisions, decisions

Please help me make up my mind!

I’ve got several new plot ideas for this or a new novel, but I can’t decide where to put them.  Should they go into the current work-in-progress (which is almost done as it is now) or in the sequel?

As a writer, what do you suggest?  As a reader, which would you prefer?

Many thanks for your help — Feel free to add comments!


2 thoughts on “Poll: Decisions, decisions

  1. Well, I don’t know the length of the current almost-finished novel. But my first impulse is to say why not put out the novel, as is, gauge the response, and go from there? Are you an almost-finisher? I don’t know this about you, Genie, so only you know. If the impulse is to keep backing away from completion, maybe that’s worth taking a look at. Always more to explore, but I’ll end it here 😀 Good luck! Happy writing! xoxo

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    1. Thanks, Bela! It’s going to be short either way, closer to a novella, I suppose. Your question about an ‘almost-finisher’ is a good one — some things never get completed (like my niece’s and nephew’s baby quilts, even though they’re in their 30s now!), but I can finish most of my writing projects unless I decide not to. Sometimes it takes a few years, but the right time usually comes around — at least it has in the past 20 or so years.

      Thanks, Bela — I really appreciate your feedback and help! xoxoxo

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