The Prompter Room

For Thursday, December 3, 2015:


“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say.”

Sharon O’Brien

There were two reasons I started this daily feature two or three months ago.  The primary reason was to serve as a vehicle of inspiration for folks, both known and unknown to me, who were struggling with their writing in some way.  Either they couldn’t get started on a project or they were stuck.  Because sometimes a short quote can jumpstart my own writing, or bring it to a close, I thought I would share my growing collection in the hope that one or more might help others.

The second reason was to give me some discipline.  Until I started The Prompter Room, I hadn’t written every day in quite a while.  With only a few exceptions – all related to travel and procedures for medical reasons – I have come here every day, and it wasn’t long before I started looking forward to it.

My usual process is to read through my notebooks and pick a quote that speaks to me, or someone I know, in some way.  If I can come up with a sentence or two upon reading one or more quotations, then I start drafting my words.  Some of the finished posts are more successful to me than others – I always read through and edit as I go along, sometimes deleting or rearranging sentences or paragraphs, but I know there are some posts that could be better.  Some go into the draft folder to wait for another time and I start over again with a new one, or I’ll go back and update a published post.  They’re not always as polished as they could be, but in this case, I think the immediacy is more important than a more formal medium.

This process has helped me get a few words out virtually every day.  It may be fewer than 500 words and I write nothing more that day.  That’s up to 500 words I wouldn’t have written otherwise, though, and sometimes I’m surprised, even delighted, by the thoughts and insights that emerge.

I hope, too, that some of these posts serve their primary purpose and inspire something in your words and/or your creative process.  Thank you so much for the positive comments and feedback some of you have sent back in response.

This daily communion has become a ritual and a pleasure, and I’m so pleased that my effort to connect with others through the ether seems to be helping a little.  Thank you for joining me in this process of discovery!


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