The Prompter Room

For Sunday, January 31, 2016:


“An author in his book must be like God in the universe, present everywhere and visible nowhere.”

Gustave Flaubert

And sometimes the author must also take a rest.

Apparently the work I’ve been doing on the revisions in my novel’s second draft must be taking something of a toll, for I seem to need to take a brain and body sabbath day to rest.  I slept until nearly 10:00 this morning!  Usually my body doesn’t let me get nearly that much sleep – this just shows, though (in case anyone asks), how much work it really is to write a book, to listen to one’s characters, and to revise accordingly.

So I’m going to watch the snow melt, listen to quiet music and the dogs snore, and maybe be invisible, for a while today so I can be more present tomorrow.

Wishing a blessed sabbath day for you all.  Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies, too.



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