The Prompter Room

For Thursday, February 11, 2016:


“You can edit a bad page.  You can’t edit a blank page.”

Jodi Picoult, via Chris Bohjalian

There you have it.  Write it down first, now.  Put something on the page, give something to the page – or the canvas or the dance floor or the stage.

After almost 25 years of informal and professional editing, I can guarantee that there is always, and always will be, something good on each page.  No page is all bad.  Ever.

If you’re worried that an editor will send back your pages with crossouts or arrows or suggestions up and down, don’t be.  That means there are solid nuggets that are worth saving and working with.  Sometimes it takes different eyes – perhaps an editor’s eyes – to find those nuggets, but they’re always there.  Trust me.

So fill up that blank page.  No one can find the nuggets – or the goldmine, for that matter – if the page is empty.


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