The Prompter Room

For Monday, February 29, 2016:


“Sometimes I think my writing sounds like I walked out of the room and left the typewriter running.”

Gene Fowler

As I read over the last three chapters of the third draft of my almost-novel last night, in preparation for typing up one or more of them today, I found a glaring mistake.  Within two or three short passages of dialogue – just a few sentences – I had used the words ‘apology,’ ‘apologize,’ or ‘apologies’ four times between two characters.

One of the first things I did when I started the revisions back in the second draft was to search out repetitive words.  I knew going in I had used some – ‘gradually’ and ‘chuckled’ were the two I was most aware of – so I paid particular attention as I read through, and I kept my good thesaurus by my side as I changed some instances and deleted others.

I also knew I had to repair more than a few run-on sentences.  This is where my ‘typewriter brain’ had kept on working and working without me, apparently, in the room.  Hoo boy … There were some doozies, especially those where I must have been channeling William Faulkner.  I think I caught them, though.

At least I thought I had, until I crashed into all those apologies for editing last night.  How could I have gone through three separate drafts and not caught those?!?  It’s not like those repeated words were spread out through the whole book as the others were.  That I could understand.  These were all on the same page, within micro-inches (millimeters?) of each other!

So it looks like another go-round is necessary.  It’s a good thing I like the revision process.  I just hope that typewriter will stop at some point!


11 thoughts on “The Prompter Room

  1. I understand. I’m going through revisions of revisions of my book. I have to admit though. It is getting better in the process. I’m sure yours is too. 🙂

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