The Prompter Room

For Saturday, March 12, 2016:


“If I waited for perfection … I would never write a word.”

Margaret Atwood

That’s one reason I write this blog every day.  It’s rather selfish, actually – it’s good discipline for me.  It ensures that I write up to 500 or so words on a daily basis.  My unselfish goal is that these words might strike a spark for someone(s) to encourage his or her own writing and creative works.  If I waited for everything to be perfect, though – either the conditions or the writing itself – most of these pages would be blank.

As short as The Prompter Room posts are (for the most part), it takes me up to two hours to compose them.  Like today’s, I usually make a few false starts before the words start to flow enough to make sense.  Almost every day I craft at least a couple of drafts before I’m satisfied enough to share the results, and even then I usually think of something I should have included or changed after the post goes public.

Thankfully this electronic forum is informal, thoughtful, and forgiving, and so I have learned not to wait for perfect timing or perfect words.   Despite the fact that this is an editing site, I have learned – thanks in large part to your generous feedback – that the editor in me doesn’t always have to have the upper hand or the last word.

If there were a way to illustrate all the unfinished thoughts, backspacings, deletions and additions, and sentence and paragraph jumps, to say nothing of the time spent fixing another cup of tea or re-reading or staring out the window to wait for more words, I would show that.  The previous sentence is an example – before this it was in two other places, it was shorter, it was longer …

But you already know how it goes.  We’re writers here, we’re creative people.  It’s only natural that we want to share our best work.  So we go through this process to get over that stumbling block of perfection.  Now we can meet up with others who have already traversed that barrier.  You may already know this, too: the view on the other side is just fine.

And I know my life is richer now because I didn’t wait.  Thanks for being there to greet me!


5 thoughts on “The Prompter Room

  1. Perfection. What an elusive thing. Is it in the thought or in the presentation. Much goes into the presentation, but perhaps it is in the awareness and the thought that true perfection occurs. Then we are left with proper word spacing. 🙂

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    1. Elusive indeed! I like the idea of the perfection of awareness – like the seed is every bit as perfect as the plant or tree into which it grows. Which then makes the word spacing the growth … Fabulous insight – many thanks!

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