The Prompter Room

For Friday, April 1, 2016:

[Before the daily prompt, which follows below, I want to thank you all for not calling me out on the mistake I DID make in yesterday’s post.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, I typed in ‘Friday’ for the day, even though I had the correct date.  I could’ve sworn it was Friday – all day long I thought it was.  When I finally figured out it was actually Thursday (duh!), I went in and changed it.  So it’s correct now, at least in the archives.  Thanks for being so patient with me!]

“We need poets to change the world.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

In addition to April Fool’s Day, today marks the start of Poetry Month.  During these next 30 days, we are encouraged to try to write a poem a day.  Some brave souls who embark on this challenge share their poems every day, and to them I say ‘bless you and thank you’!

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my friends who do this every year.  One of my friends doesn’t need Poetry Month, though – she writes at least a poem a day, 365 days a year, and she has for years.  You’d think with this many poems, there’d be a not-so-great verse or two in the lot, but not hers.  There are some that are better than others, yes, but every single one is at the least good and most are outstanding.  I can’t begin to come up with even a line or two a day, so to accomplish what she does every single day is more than a little amazing.

More and more people are taking up this challenge, privately or publically.  Some bookstores cover their windows with poems written by their customers and townspeople.  Others fill up bulletin boards with rotating poetry, some by well-known poets, others by their patrons.  I used to love to walk downtown and watch people stop at my favorite bookstore to read the poems in the windows and to observe their responses.  This store, too, made sure to include children’s poetry along the bottoms of the windows, where little ones could read them, or their parents did for them, and exclaim over the bright and clever illustrations one of the employees always included.  That did my heart good.

If you too join the other poets who will change the world one poem a day this month, or even by one poem this month, bless you and thank you.  It does and will make a difference.  As Dylan Thomas wrote, ‘The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it.’




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