The Prompter Room

For Monday, April 11, 2016:


“Write the happiest story you can using only four words.” (on Facebook)

Here’s a little something different for this Monday morning, thanks to a friend who shared via Facebook.  This feels like a good way to ease into the week, so I thought I would share it, too.

My little contribution is obviously influenced by the Zen koans I’ve been reading.  I wrote ‘Rainy day: snoring puppies.’  Not bad for first thing in the morning, with only half a cup of coffee in my system :-).

This is a great idea, to start both the day and the week, and easy enough for every day.  Thanks, Traci!


6 thoughts on “The Prompter Room

    1. Just now found this – I’m playing catch-up today – and will have to look for your FB post. A very good question! Different for everyone at different times, of course. And, four more words, does contentment equal happiness? So many questions and possibilities!

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      1. I believe contentment is as close to ‘enduring happiness’ as we humans get. For if we are content, no matter the shifting sands under our feet, what else to call us but happy? Aloha, sweetie!


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