The Prompter Room

For Friday, April 15, 2016:


“The hard part about writing a novel is finishing it.”

Ernest Hemingway

“There is no real ending.  It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

Frank Herbert

Yes, and yes.  Even ten years after I finished my first novel, I would – and did – find ways to refine it a little bit more.  This past week, too, I’ve been working out a suggestion by one of my beta readers for my second novel.  Her suggestion was really good and, now that I have finished the addition (and the necessary tweaks to complete the new transitions), I think I may have finished the book.  Again.  As always, I’ll let it all sit for a few days, impatient though I am, and then go over it one more time.

 This one will be easier to finish – to let it go out of my hands and into the world – because there will be a second book in the series, so the characters and the story will and do(es) continue.  I could have folded some of them into the current novella, but I decided to let this one serve as an introduction instead.

At the same time, I couldn’t stop the story just any old place.  It had to make sense, it had to be complete in and of itself.

I know I will refer to this first story in the one to come, so I will see these friends again.  Those of you who write fiction know how attached we get to the characters who come to life in our work.  I think this novella may be finished, but I know they’re not.  Their story continues, and I can’t wait to visit them again.


2 thoughts on “The Prompter Room

  1. This must be a truly unique experience, and one I find easy to imagine. I’ve got a story or two in my files, but never took enough interest to finish. I am and have been a poet most of my life. It suits my Mercurial temperament. Short, intense blips in which the challenge is to say much with little.

    I also understand the Editor’s compunction to keep seeing things that could be improved, long after we’ve released our word collages out into the world. And now to contemplate that more … 😉

    Aloha, Genie. Hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend! ❤


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