The Prompter Room: Vacation

For Thursday, April 21, 2016:


“A writer never has a vacation.  For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.”

Eugene Ionescu

Well, friends, this writer IS going to take a mini-vacation from my blog here.  According to my stats page, I’ve been crafting The Prompter Room since October 2, 2015.  In those six months, I’ve missed only four days.  I need to re-charge a bit because I feel like my words are getting stale.  My ideas certainly are.

So The Prompter Room will be absent for a week, starting tomorrow (4/22 – 4/29).  I won’t be MIA from WordPress, though.  This will give me the chance to respond to so many good comments that are waiting for me.  And now I’ll have the chance to read your writings and comment on them, too.  I’m really looking forward to that!

As always, thank you so much for being here every day.  I truly appreciate your faithfulness.  See you again on April 30th – I hope you all have a good writing and creative week!


2 thoughts on “The Prompter Room: Vacation

  1. Thank you, Genie, for all the inspiring prompts and insights you have given us! I certainly appreciate them, and I don’t blame you for taking a break. Be assured, however, that your words are not getting stale! Enjoy your vacation. You’ve earned it! I look forward to your return.


  2. Ah, I came here to see if there was a post like this that I missed. Wondered where you were. I found even twice a week was too much WP commitment for me; instead, I settled on once weekly, and don’t bash myself if I miss the occasional post. Good luck finding your balance! ❤


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