The Prompter Room

For Thursday, May 12, 2016:


“Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too.”

Isabel Allende

The kitchen sink did it again.  This time I wasn’t doing dishes.  I was just standing there, waiting for my morning coffee to brew and watching the birds through the little window over the sink, when an idea for next steps in my work in progress came to me in an instant.  I wrote it down, of course, and spent the next couple of hours – on my way to, from, and at a short monthly medical appointment – working out in my head how to weave this new idea into the storyline.

Since this has happened several times now, I’ve decided my muse must live in or near the kitchen sink.  Or the window.  It would be nice if I could arrange a line of some kind – like the plastic tubing maple sugarers here use to tap their trees to harvest the sap – so I wouldn’t need to get up whenever I’m stuck, but I think that’s probably the part of the creative process that makes it work.  I remove myself for a few moments, get away from the chair and the screen.

Even if I continue to think about the story itself, or a particular paragraph, sentence, or vignette, I’m not staring at other words that might get in my way.  I know I’m not alone in this.  Other writers take walks, some go shopping or for bike rides, others work in the garden or clean.

I’ve done and do those, too, but for some reason, the kitchen sink has been the most reliable lately – so much so, I may have to include it in the acknowledgements when it’s time.  Before that, though, I need to get back to the WIP and integrate that good idea into the story.


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