The Prompter Room

For Friday, September 9, 2016:


“In my own original voice lies the foundation, the authority, the orientation, the perspective I need in order to use other voices.  I find it nothing short of a tragedy that so many teachers of writing have not understood the primal need for young writers to use first – and be affirmed emphatically for – the power of their own voices of home.  Almost all of the primary problems of beginning writers are rooted in their effort to sound like someone else.  That first voice, the voice of home, is the one the writer must protect from the contempt or disdain or disregard of any critic, no matter how famous or capable that critic may be.  It is not all that a mature writer needs; surely every writer needs the tools of literary criticism and as much knowledge of various traditions as possible – but a profound acceptance of and trust in one’s own voice is the first and most important thing the writer needs.”

Pat Schneider, HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN: WRITING AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE (Oxford University Press, 2013.  Page 125)


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