The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, December 13, 2016:


Words come in textures; words are hard or smooth or squishy soft.  Words have colors; they are pastel, they are bold.  They are neutral.  They are colorless.  Words have sounds derived from their meanings; timid is soft, savage is hard, clamor is loud.  Words are sharp, words are blunt; words have edges that are keen.  There are scalpel words and razor words and words that have a saber’s slash.  Words are dull, words are sparkling.  Words are alive, they are languid.  Words fly, sail, drive, race, creep, crawl.  So many words!  If we are patient – if we will work at the task – we will begin to find the right ones.

James J. Kilpatrick, FINE PRINT (1993)


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