Critiques and Reviews Workshop

(Based on and expanded from ideas for a workshop in an online writing group from several years ago, with thanks and a hat tip to my friend, author Rob Read)

The intent of reviews/critiques is to benefit the writing, characters, plot – and thereby all of us as writers – not to criticize authors or their writing. The story/poem/essay/etc., is the focus, NOT the person who has done the writing. There’s a reason ‘critique’ is not spelled ‘criticism.’

Go to my new page ‘Critiques and Reviews Workshop’ for some thoughts on what makes for a good review experience, from and for both writers and reviewers. Of course correct spelling, grammar/syntax, and punctuation are givens, but there’s a lot more!

Summer Special: Half-Off General Manuscript Critiques!

If you have a manuscript that would benefit from a once-over from new eyes — and don’t we all? — now is the time!  For the month of July, general critiques are only 50 cents per page, half-off my usual rate! 

This will give you an idea of what will benefit your manuscript to take it to the next level.  Do you need to work on grammar?  Spelling?  Sentence structure?  Storyline pacing?  Punctuation?  Does the end ‘satisfy’ the beginning?  Is your academic paper formatted properly?  Are your poems in the best order for your intention?

Contact me soon to ensure a spot in this month-long price opportunity!  Go to my ‘About’ page for more of what a general critique entails and the contact form, or write to me directly via email at

I look forward to hearing from you!