Making Connections: Linking Up

This page is for links to other authors’ pages and Websites, notable news reports that are pertinent to writing, grammar, editing, and related subjects, occasional (but limited) self-promotional announcements, creativity, the literary world, and more.  Please check back often for new additions.


Branch Hill Publications:  We publish almost all genres (check Website to be sure before submitting), and our new imprint, Tehom Books, focuses on issues of social justice.  A catalogue of all the books we’ve published, and those that are coming soon, is on the Website, as are guidelines for submission and more.

Blooming Twig Books: — From the Website: ‘Award-winning indie press.  We publish books that matter.’  Founder and CEO: Kent Gustavson.

Authors, Writers, Poets

Lori R. Lopez:  Lori is a remarkable storyteller, poet and artist.  Her stellar imagination takes flight with words that are fresh and invigorating and will take your breath away.

C. Susan Nunn:  Author of Song of the Earth, Susan’s site and blog feature opportunities to participate in her in-person and online workshops on ‘place in writing’ and feng shui for writers.

Sirrah Medeiros, at, is a writer and poet with strong ties to the military — both she and her husband are retired from the US Marines — and who often writes about science and the environment.




New York Times

Go to to sign up for a free newsletter that lets you take a peek at the latest Review of Books (and archives).  The Books Update newsletter comes to your email inbox every Friday, and the subscription entitles you to view ten (10) articles a month.

Blogs and Websites A fantastic newsletter that compiles news, articles, book reviews, and more about art, writing, and creativity in all its various forms.  The weekly newsletter is free, but the site owners welcome donations to keep them going.  Do subscribe and donate, if you can.  It’s worth it. is a writing blog by Josh Bernoff.  His May 4, 2015 edition, ’10 top writing tips,’ is definitely worth a visit.  Be sure to read the comments, too, especially the give-and-take between Bernoff and some of his readers who take issue with a few of his assertions.  Self-explanatory!  A good source for inspiration and learning.  Sources and resources for writers.  Based in the UK but has links all over the world.  Free newsletter (with an option to pay for more detailed information) with editorials, firsthand experiences, tips, and info about conferences, contests, agents, markets. The Academy of American Poets.

Blatant self-promotion

See the page above, ‘My Bookshelf,’ for links to my own books and other writings.

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