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A Proud Little Town (novella).  Released May 2016.  Paperback here.  Kindle version here.


Early praise for A Proud Little Town

“ … This is the kind of book I would buy, the kind many people want to read.  Everybody right now is so bombarded with horrible news, this comes as a fresh, uplifting, joyful mystery where people change and heal …”

– Christine Greenspan, MA in poetry therapy and founder of Flowers and Flutes at


Welcome to Arlington, Vermont – a small town with a famous history, a lot of stories to tell, and a bit of a problem.   The idyllic Lye Brook Wilderness Area and its small rookery of great grey herons are under threat from development, which Dr. Abby Phillips’ group actively opposes.  While the developers and the townspeople are at loggerheads, voices from beneath the earth start to speak.  Only one person hears them, but even he doesn’t know what they are at first, or what they’re saying.  Will he understand in time to make a difference?

A Proud Little Town, the first in the occasional Arlington Town series, introduces the reader to the unique history and landscape of Vermont and its people through the characters of Abby, Will Putnam of the Putnam Academy, resident shaman Bud Belanger, the widow Elnora Rushlow, recent transplant Flora MacDonald, and all the good folks who gather at Gina Frost’s diner on behalf of their beloved little town and the herons. 


This novella is the second long work of fiction by Eugenie R. Rayner, and her fourth book (see below for details).  Grace Notes from a Trailer Park (working title), the second in the Arlington Town series, is scheduled for 2017.




Song of the Blessing Trees (novel) here and the Kindle version here.

Global warming is here, it is real, and its consequences are already touching the lives of millions.  A blend of fantasy and science fiction that is based on scientific evidence, Song of the Blessing Trees is a mythic experience for people who care deeply about the well-being of the earth.

The three accounts of the lives of Old Grandmother Gwynnyth in ancient druidic Wales, the Chronicler writing 100 years from now, and the Woods Clan facing life in the 23rd and 24th centuries are interwoven among their personal and group migrations.  As their environment changes, all are challenged to adapt to spiritual difficulties and physical hardships as they search out new and safer places to live.

This novel is for readers who want a different view on a critical subject.




A Short Guide to Hospitable Writing  here.   Look for this in the Kindle version, too.

Just as a host has to prepare his or her house before s/he welcomes guests, editors prepare others’ writing to attract and receive readers.  As a writer and editor, I believe part of a writer’s task is to make one’s reading audience as comfortable as possible.

A companion to this Website, this short guide is for writers and editors who care about words.  The expanded blog posts and columns, and new, additional material will help writers welcome our guests – our readers – into the ‘homes’ of our books, articles, poems … into the hospitality of everything we write.




God’s I AM in You: An Introductory Christian Vocation Discovery Program and Process here.  Also on Kindle.

Theologian, pastor and writer Frederick Buechner has written that “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Weaving a tapestry of myriad threads, this eight-session process helps you gain theological and psychological insights into the profound concept and practice of Christian vocation and ministry, gifts, and calling.  Designed for small group work, the process can be – and has been – adapted for individuals, too.  Framed within a structure of worship, meditations, scripture, discussion, sharing, and openness to the transforming nature of the Holy Spirit, these eight sessions work well for any community and individual of faith.

(Edited, revised, and expanded by Eugenie R. Rayner.)



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