Review of A Proud Little Town!

Friends, I don’t want to fawn too much in public, but I can’t tell you how thrilled, gratified, and humbled I am to receive this unsolicited review of my recently-released novella A Proud Little Town.  A prolific writer and creative studies pioneer, Margaret was one of my advisors in the MA program I was in several years ago, and I am honored to call her friend still.  Thank you so much for your generous words and for the opportunity to share them!


Hi, Genie.  Just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your Arlington novel and really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t believe it when I read at the end that it’s almost all fiction.  Having driven through Arlington several times … I was totally convinced you were practically a native.  I was impressed how redemptive the outcome was for everybody (no villains) and how cooperative the townsfolk were.  I particularly enjoyed Bud’s point of view, the discovery of the ancient bones, and the ritual at the end.  I could imagine other books in the series presented from the viewpoints of other characters.  Your writing certainly captures the spirit and life-detail of living in Vermont.  And the nature descriptions with the focus on the effectiveness of collaboration to protect our environment are really wonderful.



As I wrote back to Margaret, I am currently working on the next book in the series – I’ve actually made decent progress in the last couple of days – but if you want to check out A Proud Little Town now, you can click here.  It’s also available on Kindle here.

Thank you, Margaret, and bless you!

~~ Genie

A Proud Little Town

Greetings, friends!  I’m popping in for a few minutes to announce that my novella, A Proud Little Town, is now available in paperback and on Kindle!

Thank you for sharing some of my 15-month journey as I crafted this, my second work of long fiction.  Book Two of this new occasional series is in process, so I expect you’ll see more as the year goes by.

The following is the back cover blurb.  If this interests you, the links to order are below.

Early praise for A Proud Little Town

“ … This is the kind of book I would buy, the kind many people want to read.  Everybody right now is so bombarded with horrible news, this comes as a fresh, uplifting, joyful mystery where people change and heal …”

– Christine Greenspan, MA in poetry therapy, author, and founder of Flowers and Flutes at


Welcome to Arlington, Vermont – a small town with a famous history, a lot of stories to tell, and a bit of a problem.   The idyllic Lye Brook Wilderness Area and its small rookery of great grey herons are under threat from development, which Dr. Abby Phillips’ group actively opposes.  While the developers and the townspeople are at loggerheads, voices from beneath the earth start to speak.  Only one person hears them, but even he doesn’t know what they are at first, or what they’re saying.  Will he understand in time to make a difference?

A Proud Little Town, the first in the occasional Arlington Town series, introduces the reader to the unique history and landscape of Vermont and its people through the characters of Abby, Will Putnam of the Putnam Academy, resident shaman Bud Belanger, the widow Elnora Rushlow, recent transplant Flora MacDonald, and all the good folks who gather at Gina Frost’s diner on behalf of their beloved little town and the herons. 

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