The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, May 22, 2018:


When I see a viewer fall into a painting I have painted, I feel connected to what I really know.  It doesn’t all happen just for me, I am a translator.  It’s shared and a mystery.  When a viewer falls into that with me, I love it.  It’s real to me.  It’s vulnerable, it moves and I dig that.

Leon Hushcha, 2018

(The Art of Leon Hushcha, solo exhibition at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota)


The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, May 15, 2018:


[The artist] has only to translate the sufferings and happiness of all into the language of all and he will be universally understood. As a reward for being absolutely faithful to reality, he will achieve complete communication among men.

Albert Camus, ‘Create Dangerously,’ RESISTANCE, REBELLION, AND DEATH

The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, May 8, 2018:


… However glorious the history of art, the history of artists is quite a different matter. And in any well-ordered household the very thought that one of the young men may turn out to be an artist can be a cause for general alarm. It may be a point of great pride to have a Van Gogh on the living room wall, but the prospect of having Van Gogh himself in the living room would put a good many devoted art lovers to rout …

Ben Shahn, ‘On Nonconformity,’ THE SHAPE OF CONTENT

The Prompter Room

For Friday, March 9, 2018:


Art is a public possession, because the formation of ‘felt life’ is the heart of any culture, and molds the objective life for the people.  It is their school of feeling, and their defense against outer and inner chaos.  It is only when nature is organized in imagination along lines congruent with the forms of feeling that we can understand it … Then intellect and emotion are unopposed, life is symbolized by its setting, the world seems important and beautiful and intuitively ‘grasped.’


(Quoted in CHANGE OF COURSE: THE EDUCATION OF JESSIE ADAMSON, a novel by Margaret M. Blanchard, pg. 139)

The Prompter Room

For Tuesday, January 16, 2018:


To be a thinking, feeling, creative individual in a mass society too often unthinking and unfeeling in its conformity is to find oneself again and again at odds with the system yet impelled to make out of those odds alternative ends — to envision other landscapes of possibility, other answers, other questions yet unasked. Because that is what artists do, a certain political undertone inheres in all art.

Maria Popova, weekly digest, January 14, 2018


The Prompter Room:

For Friday, November 24, 2017:


The arts are encroaching one upon another, and from a proper use of this encroachment will rise the art that is truly monumental.  Every man who steeps himself in the spiritual possibilities of his art is a valuable helper in the building of the spiritual pyramid which will some day reach to heaven.